Sunday, October 22, 2017

George Washington Birthplace National Monument, 21 October 2017

     The Marines spent their sixth year at this site.  This event was rescheduled due to the heat in August, and the day could not have been more beautiful.  There were several demonstrations to the public which included talks about the war and George Washington, tactics used by the British military, musket firing, along with comparisons of muskets versus rifles.

View of the site from the House

The Marines demonstrating and talking to the public 

The Marines camp 

The Marines resting before the next demonstration 

Captain McGaughey

 Follower of the Army Robin and Private Morgan


The Marines drilling and marching off the field back to camp

The Marines line-up! 

Walking onto the field readying to drill and fire their muskets

Robin with her buckets and yoke.  She gave a presentation 
about followers of the Army.

     The Marines also had a few ladies there to demonstrate hearth cooking and interpret in the main house.  The food cooked in the kitchen was prepared specifically for the Marines.  
Gema, Krista, and I after presenting the meal

The meal presented 18th century style!
The menu consisted of Beef Stakes (steaks), Fried Fish, Fried Sausages and Apples, Mashed Potatoes, Stewed Mushrooms, French Beans and Bacon, Carrots the Dutch Way, Bread Pudding, and Bread.  The Dessert table had Apple Tarts, Shortbread, Grapes, Dried Strawberries, Chocolate, and Candied Ginger.

Kerry McClure as Mrs. Anne Aylett Washington, Aunt to George Washington, living who lived in the house after his family moved to Mount Vernon.  She is standing on the "land side" of the recreated house at Pope's Creek.