Thursday, November 1, 2018

George Washington Birthplace National Monument - 20 October

Captain McGaughey leads the men to the next presentation

    The British Marines made our fifth, and likely last annual appearance at George Washington Birthplace NationalMonument.  We had a great time talking with a couple hundred visitors who came out on beautiful Virginia fall day.  Our unit talked to the visitors about the causes of the war, wartime Virginia, and what life was like for the British Army and in particular, His Majesty's Marines.  The Marines conducted several firing demonstrations (pictured here), along with our friends from the 5th Cumberland (PA) County Militia.  The public seemed especially interested in the rifle vs musket demonstrations - and, as we all know, the bayonet always wins!

    In addition to our Marines, the ladies helped bring the park to life with living history demonstrations in the main house, and the unit's favorite cooking demonstration.  The house and kitchen building both saw a steady stream of visitors come through asking questions about the early life of George Washington.  They also were curious as to the people who lived at the Pope Creek Plantation, and what the ladies were cooking.  At the end of the day, the Marines and ladies were treated to the wonderful results of the hearth kitchen cooking demonstrations, ably led by Kimberly Walters and Krista Jasillo.  You can read all about what they made here.

Musket Demonstration 

Corporal Wilson, Private Roncone, and Private Donovan 

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

George Washington's Mount Vernon Annual Revolutionary War Reenactment 2018

Captain McGaughey and Private Anthony leading up a Musket Demonstration with the kids - had three shifts! 

Marines in Camp 

Cleaning up after Breakfast

Photo by Daphnie Kehonane

In Battle - Thanks to Laura Housden at Trail of the Lonesome Pine Travel Blog 

Michael Halbert and Captain McGaughey speaking to the public about the war.

British Brigade Drum Major
(Photo by Ninja Pix)

Sunday, October 22, 2017

George Washington Birthplace National Monument, 21 October 2017

     The Marines spent their sixth year at this site.  This event was rescheduled due to the heat in August, and the day could not have been more beautiful.  There were several demonstrations to the public which included talks about the war and George Washington, tactics used by the British military, musket firing, along with comparisons of muskets versus rifles.

View of the site from the House

The Marines demonstrating and talking to the public 

The Marines camp 

The Marines resting before the next demonstration 

Captain McGaughey

 Follower of the Army Robin and Private Morgan


The Marines drilling and marching off the field back to camp

The Marines line-up! 

Walking onto the field readying to drill and fire their muskets

Robin with her buckets and yoke.  She gave a presentation 
about followers of the Army.

     The Marines also had a few ladies there to demonstrate hearth cooking and interpret in the main house.  The food cooked in the kitchen was prepared specifically for the Marines.  
Gema, Krista, and I after presenting the meal

The meal presented 18th century style!
The menu consisted of Beef Stakes (steaks), Fried Fish, Fried Sausages and Apples, Mashed Potatoes, Stewed Mushrooms, French Beans and Bacon, Carrots the Dutch Way, Bread Pudding, and Bread.  The Dessert table had Apple Tarts, Shortbread, Grapes, Dried Strawberries, Chocolate, and Candied Ginger.

Kerry McClure as Mrs. Anne Aylett Washington, Aunt to George Washington, living who lived in the house after his family moved to Mount Vernon.  She is standing on the "land side" of the recreated house at Pope's Creek. 

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The 240th Anniversary Battle of Brandywine 2017

     On 16-17 September, His Majesty’s Marines participated in the Battle of Brandywine.  This event was one of the highlights of the year for the Marines.  This reenactment marked the 240th anniversary of the battle of Brandywine, the largest land battle of the American Revolution.  Making the event even more significant was the fact that it took place at Sandy Hollow Park, in Birmingham Township, PA.  Sandy Hollow was part of the actual battlefield where combat occurred on September 11, 1777.  In fact, there is a memorial in the park to commemorate where General Marquis de Lafayette was wounded.  It was an honor to camp on the site and march in the footsteps of the brave soldiers who fought there 240 years ago. 

Photo by Molly Picture Studio

     Despite unseasonably hot weather, the Marines had a strong turnout at Brandywine.  

 Marines with the 4th Company Brigade of Guards

Private Morgan

     The township sponsors estimated the event brought in eight to ten thousand spectators to watch the action.  Saturday’s battle followed started with the historic scenario of the American Army retreating from Birmingham Hill.  The Marines, as part of the BritishBrigade, marched through a nearby horse farm, into and out of the adjoining woods, and spilled out into the open fields of Sandy Hollow.  The field was filled with reforming American forces attempting to cover their retreat as best they could.  Both sides exchanged fire and fought bravely through the heat, but the Americans were forced to withdraw in the face of a mass British bayonet charge.  Yes, we fixed bayonets!  His Majesty’s Marines fought exceptionally well as they personally captured a rebel cannon and flag. 

Photo by Molly Picture Studios

     Sunday featured the dusk battle between Major General Greene facing off against the Fourth Brigade of Major General Agnew and some wayward Grenadiers, Lights and Jaegers.  While it was hard to recreate the effect that nightfall had on the ending the fighting, suffice to say the army and Marines acquitted themselves well. 

     The weekend was great fun, and all members of His Majesty’s Marines were honored to participate in this fantastic anniversary reenactment!  

Captain McGaughey riding Jack with Sam Grant riding Cincinnati

Battle of Germantown at Cliveden, Phildelphia, Pennsylvania

     For the second time this season, His Majesty’s Marines had the opportunity to recreate a Revolutionary War battle on the site where the actual battle occurred.  On 7 October, we returned to the Philadelphia area to participate in the Revolutionary Germantown Festival at Cliveden.  Cliveden, the stone house of Benjamin Chew, was occupied by British forces during the battle in October 1777. 

     Fierce and bloody fighting occurred as American soldiers attempted to storm the mansion and rout the British troops inside.  This year, His Majesty’s Marines fought both on the ground, and inside the Mansion as we helped recreate this significant battle of the Revolution.   

Privates Morgan and Donovan

 Captain McGaughey inside the Chew Mansion

Start of the Fighting, Photo by Molly Picture Studios 

Private Morgan shooting from inside the Chew Mansion

Defending their Ground, Photo by MoofPics 

     The event was great fun, we fired our muskets more in this battle that any other this year.  There was a large turnout of both British and American reenactors, giving us the chance to practice drilling, maneuvering, and parading with a large group of British troops.  We even had civilians join us, a follower of the Army and two ladies! 

Krista Jasillo and Kimberly Walters

A small break, photo by MoofPics

Follower Robin Marie and Private Rancone, Photo by Molly Picture Studios

     After the battle, His Majesty’s Marines celebrated our victory with a dinner at City Tavern in Philadelphia and included the Commander of the 1st New Jersey.   

Mmm, Apple Cider

     A few of us also took a tour of the new Museum of the American Revolution on Sunday to complete our fantastic weekend in Philadelphia.

Friday, July 21, 2017

George Washington's Mount Vernon Reenactment, 6-7 May 2017

Marines capture a Rebel gun

Marines in repose

The Brigadier and Deputy Commander review the troops

Private O'Toole with his morning cup of coffee

The 4th Company of Guards have the Marines' back!

The fog of war

After a hard day's battle, a toast to His Majesty's Marines!

The locals rejoice after the Marines depart - see you at the next event ladies!