Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Battle of Germantown at Cliveden, Phildelphia, Pennsylvania

     For the second time this season, His Majesty’s Marines had the opportunity to recreate a Revolutionary War battle on the site where the actual battle occurred.  On 7 October, we returned to the Philadelphia area to participate in the Revolutionary Germantown Festival at Cliveden.  Cliveden, the stone house of Benjamin Chew, was occupied by British forces during the battle in October 1777. 

     Fierce and bloody fighting occurred as American soldiers attempted to storm the mansion and rout the British troops inside.  This year, His Majesty’s Marines fought both on the ground, and inside the Mansion as we helped recreate this significant battle of the Revolution.   

Privates Morgan and Donovan

 Captain McGaughey inside the Chew Mansion

Start of the Fighting, Photo by Molly Picture Studios 

Private Morgan shooting from inside the Chew Mansion

Defending their Ground, Photo by MoofPics 

     The event was great fun, we fired our muskets more in this battle that any other this year.  There was a large turnout of both British and American reenactors, giving us the chance to practice drilling, maneuvering, and parading with a large group of British troops.  We even had civilians join us, a follower of the Army and two ladies! 

Krista Jasillo and Kimberly Walters

A small break, photo by MoofPics

Follower Robin Marie and Private Rancone, Photo by Molly Picture Studios

     After the battle, His Majesty’s Marines celebrated our victory with a dinner at City Tavern in Philadelphia and included the Commander of the 1st New Jersey.   

Mmm, Apple Cider

     A few of us also took a tour of the new Museum of the American Revolution on Sunday to complete our fantastic weekend in Philadelphia.