Mt. Harmon, Earleville, MD

     His Majesty’s Marines and the Maryland States Marines are a small elite band of re-enactors with an emphasis on unit camaraderie. Our unit participates in only a handful of events throughout the year primarily with an emphasis on battle reenactments, living history programs, and naval-oriented events.

      With high standards of authenticity, the members of the group are equipped with all the clothing, accoutrements, and equipment that would have been necessary for those who served on shore while on post in the Americas during the American Revolution. Our unit belongs to the British Brigade, and the Naval and Marine Living History Association, both national re-enactment organizations.

Fort Ward, Alexandria, VA

If you have a love for maritime history and consider yourself the adventurous sort, then His Majesty's Marines IS the unit for you!

If you'd like to try us out, we have loaner clothing, kits, and muskets will be made available for immediate use!
Tel.  (443) 292-8756