Monday, July 16, 2012

Marines at Pope's Creek

The Marines had a successful day at The George Washington Birthplace National Monument.  The weather held with storms threatening all around, but barely a drop at the site.  The Marines, 17th Light Dragoons, and a Brigade of the American Revolution Continental unit were there to demonstrate camp life, conduct a drill, and fired their muskets.  They enjoyed a lunch made in the hearth kitchen by their distaff and site intern Meagan Gay.  A very well attended event by the public that made participating very worth while.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pope's Creek - George Washington's Birthplace

Our next event will take place at George Washignton's Birthplace, Pope's Creek, in Colonial Beach, Virginia on 14 July.  The British Marines, 17th Light Dragoons, and 64th Regiment of Foot will be on-site to conduct firing demonstrations, will show a camp display, and their distaff will prepare an 18th century meal over a hearth for the day's event.