Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Chestertown Tea Party Festival - 1774

     This past Memorial Day weekend, the Marines participated in the Chestertown Tea Party in Maryland.  

     On May 13, 1774, six months after the Boston tea party, a number of prominent Kent County men gathered at a local tavern to respond to the Tea Act. In an anonymous report to the Maryland Gazette, the gathering condemned Great Britain.  At a second meeting on May 18th, the participants approved the Chestertown Resolves, which acknowledged their allegiance to King George III, but registered their sworn enmity to taxation without representation. In their view, the tea tax was calculated to enslave the Americans, and they
pledged that any citizen found importing or purchasing dutiable tea would be stigmatized as an enemy of the liberties of America.  The Marines were there to keep the peace within the town.

     The event attracted thousands to the Chester River event.  Further coverage is at the My Eastern  website.

In Camp

Face off with the Rebels

The Marines

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Gunston Hall Plantation - Raid on the Potomac 1781

    The British Marines were in attendance at the "Raid on the Potomac, 1781" event at Gunston Hall Plantation this past weekend.

Marching to Battle