Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Mt Harmon Plantation Reenactment

     The Marine contingent participated at the Mount Harmon Battle Reenactment on 25 and 26 October led by Sergeant Shackleford as the Captain was in charge of leading the battles these two days.  

     There was a little bit of everything taking place at this event.  From participating in the battles both days, attending appropriate meetings, ensuring they were lined up in formation and drills, as well as having a bit of time to shop with the sutlers and hang out at the Tavern on Saturday evening with friends - there was something for everyone at this one! The Marines showed up in force and welcomed Marine Private Morgan!  

Sergeant Shackleford (left) and Brigadier McGaughey (right)
(Photo by Thomas Verenna)

Brigadier McGaughey (left)
(Photo by Thomas Verenna)

The Marines (on the far right) lined up and getting ready to go - wearing their round hats
(Photo by Thomas Verenna)

The Marines in battle (right)
(Photo by Meredith Barnes)

The Marines coming in to land by boat!
(Photo by Hecklarry)

The Marines (far right)
(Photo by Thomas Verenna)