Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Under the Redcoat, 24-26 June

The British Marines participated in the Under The Redcoat Event at Colonial Williamsburg by Sergeant Tim Wilson.
Saturday, June 25.
     After what the Sergeant thought was an early arrival on Saturday morning at the site, he quickly had to hustle to a previously unannounced early formation to drill with the 43d Regiment of Foot—for the first time, the Connecticut Marines were present in force and practiced the open file tactics that have stood us in such fine stead in the past, much to the consternation of the Doodles.
     All went well, though the Marine platoon was split, half for the Guard, half for patrolling. As Sergeant, I went with the Guard detachment where we spent the morning screening, interrogating and occasionally incarcerating wretched rebel ne’er do wells.
The remainder of the platoon scoured streets for the King’s enemies, with everybody reuniting in camp for a delightful repast, provided by the 43d.
     That afternoon, a firing demonstration was conducted with the 43d and Royal Artillery. Nearly 50 infantry and a gun team shattered the afternoon quiet with controlled volleys and a rousing bayonet charge. The public were impressed and much fun was had by all.
That evening, the Connecticut Marines held a dinner at the King’s Arms tavern. There was eating, drinking and singing, along with the guest of honor, Paul “Bermuda Boy” Vescio.
Sunday, June 26.
     Several Marines went to “a short, 20 minute Church Parade” that lasted more like an hour.  After morning inspection at 9am, the sergeant led a Marine detachment into town to seek out troublemakers. They very soon found them, in particular two saucy wenches who were taken in for questioning and had seditious literature upon them (and, according to one, fleas). They were forthwith handcuffed to a tree, to the mutual benefit of all.
     By this time, the Marines were scattered all up and down Duke of Gloucester Street, and had received word that the Hessians might be “unreliable” and were letting seditious and dangerous cargoes through the British lines. Several times the Sergeant of Marines queried the Germans about their search techniques, but nothing untoward was discovered. Later, however, it was revealed that search party led by the 43d, including Marines, had uncovered a tent full of contraband in the German camp. Such sad doings indeed!
As an aside, our gallant Captain was shot in the arm in “an affair of honor” with another brother officer, who had apparently insulted the honor of the Marines (or perhaps our Captain’s attire?) No lasting harm appears to have been done.
     By Sunday afternoon, things began to wind down.  One more firing demonstration was held at 2:30 ad then all began to organize themselves for departure.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Marines will be making an Appearance at the William Paca House, July 4th

Historic Annapolis will host its annual Independence Day Celebration at the William Paca House and Garden from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.  Free activities will include tours of the colonial home, children’s patriotic craft-making, a public proclamation of the Declaration of Independence, demonstrations of Revolutionary War camp life, and musical performances by hammered dulcimer artist Maggie Sansone. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Chestertown Tea Party, Maryland

Marines forming up to face the Tea Party mob on the USS Sultana
  His Majesty’s Marines participated in the Chestertown Tea Party re-enactment and festival this past Saturday, May 28, 2011.  There were literally thousands of spectators in attendance, and the entire town seemed involved with dozens of booths lining the sidewalks.  The Washington Post captured the event in photos.  The Marines joined their friends, the Maryland Loyalists, setting up a small camp behind the Customs House, on High Street, right by the Chester River and the HMS Sultana (stand in tea ship).  The Marines also supported the Mount Harmon Plantation booth in town, helping to promote both their site and the upcoming fall national Rev War event to be held there September 24-25.  The Marines talked to numerous tourists, both about the Marines and the Mount Harmon event.  Later, the Marines formed with the Maryland Loyalists to try and turn away an angry mob storming a tea carrying cargo ship.  While it was a hot day, Sergeant Wilson and the Marines held the left flank of the line.  The mob, led by some armed rebels from the 1st and 6th Maryland Regiments, pressed down the street to the wharf.  After exchanging a few volleys with the rebels, the Maryland Loyalist officer leading the His Majesty’s troops, wisely decided to withdraw instead of causing greater bloodshed and anger.  A good time was had by all.  Join us at our next event at Colonial Williamsburg, June 25 and 26.  Hopefully, it will be cooler.  God Save the King!