Saturday, September 29, 2012

Historic London Town and Gardens

The Marines gave musket demonstrations and manned a recruiting station at Historic London Town and Gardens today as the site participated in the Smithsonian Museum Day Live event, which included free admission.

Sergeant Tim Wilson, Privates Joe Hall, Fred Donovan, and Mark Bell
line up for a musket firing demonstration.

Close up musket explanation
Captain Jim McGaughey talks to the crowd about British
tactics during the war
The Marines surround a local farmer suspected of smuggling

Private Joe Hall explains the use of his musket to a young visitor


Monday, September 17, 2012

Philadelphia Campaign 1777

The Marines participated in the 230th Anniversary of the Battle of Brandywine (Philadelphia Campaign 1777) this past weekend as part of the 43d Regiment of Foot. 

The 43d Regiment of Foot and 17th Light Dragoons (kneeling in front of facines)
Major Jim McGaughey shown at the back right with Commander Paul Loane of the 43d