Sunday, May 9, 2021

Schedule for 2021

      Our first event at George Washington's Mount Vernon Revolutionary War weekend, 1-2 May, was a huge success.  Great weather, and it was nice to see our reenactment friends.  Thanks to Al Pochek for the photos of the event. 

     Find us at the next event - our schedule is as follows and on the side bar of this page.


18-19 September - Old Fort Niagara, New York

16-17 October - Pennslyvania State Historic Site - Fort Loudoun

Thursday, January 2, 2020

Happy New Year 2020!

     The Marines wish everyone a very Happy New Year!  We start a new decade with some potential great events, and will know more after the British Brigade and Continental Line joint meeting on 11 January.  

     We are also always looking for recruits, so if interested in joining, come to an event and meet us!  Reenacting can be a bit of a commitment with time and money for your uniform and other accouterments.  We feel it is well worth it!  We hope to see all of you on the field soon.  E-mail for more information.

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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Revolutionary War Reenactment at Mount Harmon Plantation at World's End in Earleville, Maryland

     His Majesty's Marines recently fielded at the British Brigade/Continental Line national event the weekend of 12-13 October at The Road to Brandywine at Mount Harmon Plantation, near Earleville, Maryland .  In short, the event was a smashing success. 

At the earth works

     The weather was perfect, the site is one of the best in the country for large, sweeping re-enactments.  The Marines were kept on 500 acre property, participating in both large and small actions throughout the day and evening.

View of part of the British Camp from the roof of the Mansion House 
     This event paid homage to the late August 1777 landing of a large army just a few miles away at the Head of Elk, and the ensuing skirmishes that took place nearby (Cecil County, Maryland) prior to the army marching off to fight the  Battle of Brandywine.  

The Brigadier spies on the enemy

     The event activities included:  Serving out in the field for extended periods of times guarding assigned posts; Participating in patrols around the property; Guarding the earthworks and the work parties assigned to them; and, Crewing on board small boats patrolling the surrounding shorelines.  Each day featured a large battle with all forces participating, which included over 300 or more infantrymen in the field, ten artillery pieces, and about 30 horse.  As more than one participant noted, it felt like we were in a movie.  Saturday evening featured an American assault that took the works from British hands, followed by a more amiable Jollification party in the grounds' boxwood garden.

     The Road to Brandywine at Mount Harmon Plantation ranks up there as one of the best re-enactment events in recent memory.   The event was well covered by gifted photographers from around the country, including: Al Pochek, Michael Itamura, Jeff Bross, Kimberly Walters, Karen Morgan, and John DiCarlo, just to name a few.  A very big thank you to all those photographers for your wonderful work.

     Interested in learning more, or perhaps joining His Majesty's Marines?  The come check us out on 7 December at our next event in Annapolis, Maryland at the Hogshead Tavern, 43 Pinkney Street.  We hope to see you there.

Defending the earth works

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Recruiting in Annapolis, Maryland

     The Marines were in Annapolis at The Hogshead Tavern - recruiting for new members!  We will be making an appearance in Annapolis again, so keep a lookout on our schedule, and come visit the tavern at 43 Pinkney Street!  The street itself is wonderful to walk down as it is narrow and still driven on.

     Historic Annapolis manages the gambrel-roofed frame house with the two dormer windows. The building is now interpreted as a tavern or to show off 18th century trades that may have been in the city.  An unusual feature of the house is its basement kitchen which is not often open to the public.

     More information on the house and its weekend interpretation can be see on the Historic Annapolis web page.

Captain McGaughey as he talks about the war, drill, and life in the Marines.  
Privates Donovan and Morgan demonstrate.

     The Marines will be in Annapolis on occasion to recruit and talk to those interested in participating in living history - especially those interested in the maritime aspect of the hobby and on the British side!  What better place than Annapolis!?  As many like to participate as a continental officer or soldier - get an idea of the other side of the war by joining the Marines for fun and adventure!

The Marines taking a break upstairs in the Hogshead Tavern

     At some events, we can be seen on boats coming in to land before battling the Continental Army.  We often also augment other units on the battlefield, or participate in early skirmishes.  Camaraderie in camp is amazing with much laughter, always teaching each other the ins and outs of reenacting, and the latest research found on the actual unit and the war.

     Interested? Check out our schedule and come out to an event near you!  Our next event is at Mount Harmon Plantation in Earleville, Maryland on the weekend of 12-13 October 2019.

Showing the locals some fun and games playing The Captain's Mistress (which we know as "Connect Four" today), and having some ship's biscuit made by Private Donovan

Yes, the ladies are welcome!

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Chestertown Maryland Tea Party 2019

     His Majesty's Marines participated in the Tea Party Festival in Chestertown, Maryland.  

     We spoke with members of the public, marched in a community parade, and skirmished with the tea party mob.  

Marine sentinels on the gangway of the HMS Sultana

The Marines march with the 1st New Jersey Volunteers and Maryland Loyalists 

The Marines field with the 1st New Jersey Volunteers and Maryland Loyalists skirmishing against the tea party mob.

Captain McGaughey in front of the colors

Marine uniforms and equipment displayed for the public

Private Donovan in repose

 Standing in front of the HMS Sultana

  Private Roncone stands first watch at the HMS Sultana

The Marines set up next to K. Walters at the Sign of the Gray Horse and her 
hearth cooking display

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Holiday Open House - Hogshead in Historic Annapolis

     The Marines participated in an event in Historic Annapolis this past weekend.  The Hogshead Tavern was the perfect place for the Marines to show off and participate in a gaming evening with the trades persons of Annapolis!

     Photos taken by Kenneth Tom.

At the Paca House and Garden with Mr. Paca (Matthew West)


 At the Hogshead